Cladfix BV

CITY ICOON Amsterdam

Project City Icoon involves the construction of 115 apartments and commercial spaces situated in the Buiksloterham area in Amsterdam North; a sustainable neighbourhood for living and working.  Also referred to as ‘360 Twins,’ a nod to the fact the design consists of two identical looking slender towers.  Cladfix Ireland BV worked on the assembly of almost 4000m2 of aluminium frames and curtain wall for Facédo B.V.

BOLD Amsterdam

BOLD Amsterdam is a 24 storey residential tower completed in March 2022 for Facédo B.V. Situated on the skyline of Amsterdam, just behind central station with a futuristic design consisting of 14,000m2 of high quality insulated façade elements with a Uwindow ≤1.0W/m2K.

What is special about BOLD are the approximately 4000m2 PV panels integrated in the façade elements. These PV panels, together with an energy efficient climate system contribute to a negative EPC score. An energy supplying residental tower and therefore one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands.